Review: Verus iPhone 6 4.7 Case Iron Bumper Series

I recently purchased an iPhone 6 16G model to update my 4S. In doing so, I also began shopping for a bumper as I am quite accident prone when it comes to carrying phones. I am rather nit-picky about the design of the bumper; it needs to have some sort of a drop-protection engineering (not just something that looks pretty), have a round design, not be made of plastic, keep the phone’s minimalist look, and not feel bulky in my hands. After narrowing down my search to about 4 bumpers, I decided on the Iron Shield bumper by Verus.

The Iron Shield is a 2-layer bumper, rubber inside and aluminum outside, that comes out of South Korea. Out of the box, it’s a very clean design that fits the phone flawlessly. One of my first impressionswas that it actually made the phone feel lighter when holding with one hand.

A couple things I have also noticed was that the cutouts at the bottom of the bumper for the Lightning cable and headphone jack are a lot tougher along the edges than the cutout for the mute switch on the side. This makes the production quality of the bumper feel rather incomplete, and even irritates the finger I use to hold the phone, when holding with one hand. I also noticed that there is some off-color marks around the volume buttons… Something you would only see if you are looking for, but I would think that a little more care could go into the finish of this product.

Overall, it’s a very good bumper for the iPhone 6, though a few cosmetic tweaks can make it a little more worth the price tag.


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