Dubbing with YouTube and qrcodes

For my listening class, an activity I ask students to engage in from time to time is a dubbing activity, where students are divided into small groups and perform the voiceover of a clip from a video we had been watching.

To prepare this, all video clips are uploaded to YouTube as unlisted, then with one of the many qrcode generators on the Internet (just google qrcode generator), a qrcode for each video’s URL is made and distributed to each group, along with a copy of the script.

Students are then instructed to review the video, focusing on various intonation and pronunciation keys to make their speech as close to the video’s actors as possible. With the videos on YouTube, students are able to use the qrcode to access the videos with their own smart phones, though class iPads are also available for those without phones.

Activity finishes with each group doing the voiceover of their videoclip for the class, with the video playing on mute on the class projector.

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