Calendar for syllabus sharing

I work in a team-teaching environment, with multiple teachers working with the same curriculum in different classes. As different teachers establish different styles of relationships with students, the pace of the classrooms can also change, and even more, teachers need to be given autonomy to teach how they philosophically feel teaching is best for them. Given all that, as a team we still need to share information and make sure that throughout the term we are in sync with the objectives of our course. With each of us working 15-17 class hours per week, finding the time to collaborate daily is a challenge. This is where Apple’s calendar app comes in.
We all use iPhones, so Apple’s calendar app was the simplest to setup; however, even Google’s calendar would work. Allowing to share multiple calendars within the app with notes gives all teachers easy access to needed information in an organized manner, and for non-tech savvy folks, not having to download and learn a classroom management app can be ideal, especially in an environment where I am trying express the usefulness of wireless devices in education.

All in all, if you’re looking for a way to collaborate with colleagues with as little complications as possible, then looking no further than your OS’s calendar and its sharing capabilities may be all you need.


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